Is Christmas a season?

Who doesn’t love Christmas? I mean singing, fairy lights and santa claus are awesome but the best bit has to be presents. Christmas Eve is preparation for Santa to come overnight and Christmas Day is family lunch and gift-giving. In fact, Christmas is a Global Holiday. But is Christmas just those two days of fun?

I was in the city with my friend earlier today and already there were heaps of shops sporting Christmas trees and Christmas-themed decorations. Telstra had a screen playing an animation of elves and well as decorations in the window. Several clothing stores had little Christmas trees in the centre and there was a whole square roped off for the construction of a massive Christmas tree put up there annually. I can’t believe we are getting ready for Christmas more than a month beforehand. Its like Christmas has it’s own season. In a completely irrelevant way, it made me think of Clive Palmer, who is Australia’s richest {or one of the richest} person. He has his own personal jet and and political party as well as huge industries. Christmas has it’s own holiday, celebration and story in the bible. All around, I think Christmas is definitely a season and its a big one!

Teen Typer, over and out


Summer is most definitely here!

It was an absolutely boiling day here in Australia and especially where I live! Temperatures reached 43 degrees! I’m just glad they cancelled sport at my school. Personally I like cold weather better. You can put on layer after layer of jackets etc until you are warm but in hot weather there’s just no escaping it. You can wear shorts and a tee-shirt, drink loads of water and not run around but it’s still hot. Summer is OK as long as I’m at home but I guess Winter is just my season all ’round. My all time favourite sport is netball, which is a winter sport. I wonder what season is most popular with other people. Comment below which season or weather you prefer. Hot or Cold?

Teen Typer, over and out.

My New Blog

Welcome to my new blog. My name is Teen Typer, I am 12 and I live in Australia. Now don’t get excited for more information because thats all you’ll ever know! This is going to be an anonymous blog where I post basically anything I want to share. I also reeeeally want you to get involved. Please leave a comment if you have something to share about my recent post. I might be posting things like my thoughts on a recent world crisis or just a little niggling idea in the back of my mind. Obviously I’m going to be writing to myself for a little while but I don’t really mind. I’m using this as an outlet for all those observations about the world around me, big or small. Well, see you soon.

Teen Typer, over and out.